Infrared Photography Resources

Comet McNaught With my converted for IR 350D

There is a wealth of experience about IR and digital on the Internet. As we find good sites I will add them here:

  • Gisle Hannemyr's Digital Infrared Resource Page - has an extensive coverage of shooting IR with digital cameras, how it works, his experience with lenses and more. A good set of links will help you find more.
  • Life Pixel's DIY Camera Conversion Instructions - Aside from doing conversions for you, LifePixel has excellent step-by-step instructions on doing the conversions yourself for some cameras.
  • Christian Deichert's List of Lenses for Canon that have or are free from Hotspots in IR - For Canon users here is another list of lenses that do and do not work in infrared. Note that the article dates from 2006.
  • Jens Roesner's digital infrared pages - This section, though a bit dated in terms of digital cameras covered, has some excellent information.
  • Jeremy McCreary's dpFWIW IR page - In a long and extensive page Jeremy covers a mass of detail. While dated in terms of the cameras covered, the information is solid and reliable and fully applicable to the latest cameras.
  • J. Andrzej Wrotniak's IR page - This extensive page covers infrared photography with digital cameras with solid information and illustrated with excellent images.
  • The Luminous Landscape on IR - a shortish but useful article
  • wikipedia on IR photography
  • Robert William's IR with a Nikon D100 A good article on shooting infrared with the Nikon D100, another on producing color infrared images and some great images of Rob's.
  • Dale O'Dell's article in Apogee Photo Magazine - This article from 2002 offers some good ideas for the processing of your infrared images.
  • Uwe Steinmueller's IR experience on Digital Outback Photo is a good resource on Uwe's experience shooting IR, illustrated with some great images.
  • Thom Hogan's IR page - A good article on shooting IR and the processing of the images.
  • Jerry Kneupper's blog with IR how to's - this extensive site has great interviews with IR photographers, solid how to articles and even some up to date coverage of IR film shooting. Lots of good images for inspiration.
  • WJ's Photo Homepage - extensive coverage of IR film shooting, though most of the films covered are no longer made.
  • RMITs' IR Links
  • Andy Finney's Invisible Light site - Andy's site has galleries of great work, excellent articles and even an infrared video of Amsterdam. There is an excellent annotated infrared photography book list, well reviewed link list and some really interesting articles covering historical developments.
  • Co Cam's infrared photography FAQ - this extensive and up to date FAQ covers both film and digital infrared photography. An excellent source of information.
  • Photo Notes' Infrared Myths page - this film-oriented site covers some of the myths of IR shooting.
  • Eric Cheng's IR page - has extensive coverage, though mostly dated, of digital infrared photography.
  • Resonant Link Photography's Infrared site - this excellent site has two extensive and solidly informative articles on shooting infrared, both with film and digital. There is also a great article on stitching infrared images together.
  • League of Creative Infrared Photographers - This fairly new organisation is trying to bring together and promote infrared photography. More strength to them.

The following companies and individuals can convert a digital camera (SLR or compact) for infrared shooting:

  • www.MaxMax.com - highly recommended, they did our 350D - USA and Intl.
  • Hap Griffin - mainly for astrophotographers but also others - USA
  • Life Pixel - camera conversions, articles and stuff - USA and Intl.

Infrared photography by Wayne J. Cosshall